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Available by appointment only. Call Molly at: (765)437-1511


30 minutes$40 | 60 minutes $60

Enjoy a relaxing vacation for your skin as we use customizied products for your specific skincare needs, to deeply cleanses the skin for a healthy glow. 

No matter what your skin condition may be! 

Lea Sports & Therapeutic Massage


90 minutes | $100

Fascia is a band or sheath of connective tissue that runs throughout every nook and cranny of the body!!  During this relaxing facial, we are concentrating on helping stimulate the fascia due to it being made up of 6 different collagen rich fibers!  Using Ashley Black's patent fascia blaster, this amazing new technique is a must try!!

Lea Sports & Therapeutic Massage

Just Relax Facial

90 minutes | $100

This Ultra relaxing facial consists of a customized facial for your skin concerns, along with a 30 min. massage!  Encorporating the whole body releases stress and tension!  

Relaxing Massage


Chin, Lip, Brows 30 minutes | $30 

Removing unwanted hair has never been so easy! When you come in for an appointment, Molly will take the time to address your specific hair removal needs. Natural waxes only, to reduce skin irritation.

Lea Sports & Therapeutic Massage


Lashes $20 | Brows $15 | Both $30

These treatments enhances the color of your lashes and brows, so there is no need for mascara or brow pencil! Perfect for adding definition, shape, color matching or just enhancing what you already have!

Lea Sports & Therapeutic Massage


Full Face $40 | Lip & Chin $15

Removal of facial hair along with dry dead skin. This treatment makes the skin feel smooth and look radiant! Great option for those individuals that have a hard time with wax!

Lea Sports & Therapeutic Massage


30 minutes Sensitive Skin Peel $60 | Glow Peel $100

Customized chemical peels for deep exfoliation!  Helping with tetxtue, pore size, discoloration and much more!

Lea Sports & Therapeutic Massage


| $60

Customized Face Exercises just for you!  Helping strengthen and tone your face and neck muscles & much more!  Choose in person or Zoom!

Funky Necklace

  6 Week Facial Exercise Program


60 Min. Class Per week.  One on One, in depth Customized Face Exercise program! Helping strengthen and tone your face & neck muscles while learning how to encorporate specific techniques for your daily routine! Bonus: Lifestyle Tips & Tricks to maintain a healthy glow!!  Choose in person or Zoom!

Mature woman giving herself face massage on white background.jpg

LIVE Facial Fitness Membership


Choose 1 or 2 minium LIVE sessions per month!  30 Min classes with Q&A.  Each class we will be learning different exercises & techniques that include the face neck and body!  Join me in a fun and relaxing lesson as we learn together! BONUSES & REPLAYS INCLUDED!

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