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All About Facial Fitness!

I am so very excited to be able to offer this amazing technique to help us each age gracefully!  With over 60 facial muscles just in our face & neck, we can learn how to isolate each one to help strengthen just as we do our body! Utilizing this technique you can help the foundation of the skin from the inside out without cosmetic enhancement!   

     Facial Fitness     
60 min Session 

This one on one session will be customized specifically  just for you!  In person or zoom availability!

Mature woman giving herself face massage on white background.jpg

Facial Fitness
6 week Program


You will learn everything you need to know in this 6 week program to upkeep and maintain results while aging gracefully!  Change your face, change your life!

Facial Fitness
Monthly Membership

 Join me in exercising your face and learning all the tips and tricks every month!  Cant wait to see you there!! 


Located at the Kokomo YMCA

114 N Union St

Kokomo, IN. 46901


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